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Ground control to major Tom..

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When I saw this structure my first thought was it resembled a space ship coming into land, depending on your point of view that could be your worst nightmare or the answer to all your dreams..

What added to this was the vague shapes you can make out in the structure, it was shot on my ricoh gx100 and converted to b&w other than that it’s a straight shot.

On  completely unrelated point, I am considering  upgrading my Olympus and moving over to Pentax, this is for no other reason than the vast array of cheap glass that you can utilise. It has been a source of constant irritation to me  that the 4/3rds has limited lens compatibility, that and the premium you pay for the 4/3rds mount from independent makers..

I used Pentax film cameras and loved them, the lenses are stunning and have a similar lineage to Olympus, the beauty of the Pentax like Nikon is the ability to use all the old lenses without undue expense of buying the mount adaptors. I also like the fact the sensor size means not doubling up on focal length, it is not  a done deal as yet, so it may just be a fleeting thought on  my part. Should I do so it will mean a typo change, but rest assured the ricoh is here to stay.


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March 12, 2010 at 9:21 pm

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