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Land fill ?

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When I’m dead and gone what will happen to my images ? I had this discussion some time ago with my middle son, whilst he appreciates a good image he is not that into photography..

After some prolonged discussion I predicted that it would more than likely end up as land fill, for those who read this and recoil in horror may I pose this question ?

I have reached that age when folk you care deeply for start to depart this worldly existence, when this has happened there are certain things which must be done aside from the obvious grieving..

Estates are sorted out possessions are disposed of both to family / loved ones and there is always a visit to the local charity shop. Throughout our lives we accumulate a whole raft of items some of which are completely useless to keep hold of but still they stay, staring at us accusingly whenever we venture into the junk cupboard / room every house has!

You are then faced with something of a dilemma what do you keep? with each sorting the pile  grows ever smaller. I look at my negative files as I type this there are ten full to bursting plus a host of Ilford paper boxes crammed full of prints 10×8, 20×16 and everything in between, then there are those on my i mac and assorted Cd’s and  dvd’s. I am sure that some of the cherished images which connect to the family directly may well be saved from the pit, but the rest I have my doubts. This scenario is made worse as images are so easy to secure now the digital age is well and truly with us.

The image today is in keeping with this theme, I visited Bradford yesterday, and spent a while wandering around with the camera, it is a beautiful place and the past is there to see, from the cobbled streets to the old architecture. I loved it and will revisit soon, for now enjoy the pic which may be coming to a land fill near you !


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March 11, 2010 at 9:14 am

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  1. Terrific toning on this.

    I know that Andy (from Deceptivemedia) prints each blog shot albeit as a small size.


    March 22, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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