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Fine art ?

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Depending where you look I would suggest you may have a number of differing views with regard the subject of today’s post, not only that, there would be a wide range of issues covering choice of paper, size, method of production, and a whole raft of other points..

That said what does elevate an image into a fine art one, is it just the image? I have seen on other sites I have visited prints produced in a particular way and heralded as being all things to all men (and ladies of course). When I then viewed the said image it left me cold, I saw nothing in it which said to me this is fine art, the print process may have been an ancient method revered by who knows, but it failed as it left me cold. And I would argue that this is not the exception to the rule, it does seem with the continuing improvements in digital slr’s it’s almost impossible to produce a bad image from a exposure point of view at least.

The results are there for all to see in the proliferation of images on the web and the various hosting sites all vying for your attention, a large number of which purport to be “Fine art”.. The reality of course is that this increase in images has had a profound impact on this area as it’s not difficult to find acceptable images for very low prices, thereby making the sale of quality fine art all that more difficult…

To become established within this area is I think extremely difficult unless you have the patronage of select folk who can and will promote you and therefore elevate your status within the market..

My own list of essentials in a print to qualify are:

  • An  image which has narrative
  • It must engage the viewer and pose questions
  • The number produced is limited
  • Each print is signed and numbered
  • The materials on which it is printed must be archival
  • A wealthy and well connected benefactor

Today’s post for me would fit the bill, although please do feel free to disagree…


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March 6, 2010 at 11:56 pm

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  1. Creative vision of the photographer as artist might sum up fine art, or square mono/duotone prints with a challenging price tag.


    March 22, 2010 at 5:21 pm

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