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This title is via a website I chanced upon, the site and its owner are excellent and have some very good images displayed as well as articles, it’s and worthy of a visit..

The issue he raises is a valid one but I feel he misses the point if you would excuse the pun, I as I have already mentioned own a ricoh gr3 and prior to this the gx 100 which I had for approx 2.5yrs. During that time it produced some wonderful images which I subsequently sold via stock sites and fine art prints at exhibitions I held. I would agree entirely with the argument put forth about it failing to record the level of detail he was perhaps alluding to, when compared to the dig slr.

This style of camera will always lose out against this competition, but if you have a knowledge of photography and use the camera how it was meant to be used you will find it rewards you with wonderful images, which have a gorgeous quality about them, which almost mimics  film.

My main love of this camera is the portability, I never mind taking it with me, it fits into my pocket comfortably and is there to record images I would not have got without it. How many times do you venture out, think this is a great day for some photography, then pause and not bother as it’s too much of a pain to cart the dig slr with you…

This for me could just be going to a town to visit , or shop , or for me jumping onto my motorbike and heading off to some favourite haunts. This is where this excels, I have been amazed at the improvements that ricoh have made to the sensor, it has produced some exquisite images for me already so I am glad I made the upgrade.

Sometimes we forget that the iconic images from the past were in some cases diabolical from the quality point of view , however they stirred the soul and made us stop and think. They made you look and wonder, that for me is what photography is all about, if you can do that with whatever you choose to record a scene with then you have succeeded, so get out there and point and shoot…

This is recorded with the ricoh gr3 and the 21mm attachment, shot as a raw file and processed in cs4.


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February 27, 2010 at 5:10 pm

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