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Hello world and welcome to my new blog, it’s a change from the last one I published, I have no firm plans for it and its content, although I think it will contain more editorial content then my previous incarnation…

That said it will still have images, and as the title suggests from my current crop of cameras, of which the newest addition is the ricoh gr digital 3. For those not in the know this camera is the latest incarnation of the gr digital series which commenced with the gr1. It is the second ricoh digital camera I have owned, the gx 100 being the first, this made way for the current gr3. The improvements over the gx are absolutely amazing, the files are stunning both in quality and tonal range. I do not intend to run standard reviews of the cameras there are plenty of those already on the net. However I intend to post regular images from both systems for your comment and hopefully to assist anyone who has any thoughts of owning them. Longer term I would like to encourage submissions from photographers out there, to hopefully inspire others to pick up the camera and shoot….

The opening shot was taken with the Ricoh gr3 it’s a raw file converted in CS4, let me know what you think.


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February 24, 2010 at 7:29 pm

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